SOL16 March 6, 2016

Shower Power

The free thinking that occurs in the shower always surprises me. Many other people have found this to be true. Is it the small space with the white noise of water flowing steadily? I’m sure it’s the hot water, losening my achy arthritis that allows me to think. My body stops throbbing, my joints loosen, and I relax.

Usually I start thinking about the kids in my class, my plans for the day, something I’m struggling with will pop into my head, not a worry, it just passes through my mind. As I stand in the soothing wash, quiet small space, my mind wanders. I’m not concentrating on any one thing. As the time passes ideas ebb and flow through my mind. I love this time because it is so freeing, and creative.

Now if I only had a way to write it all down. With so many good ideas,  I start getting ready for work, running around the house with last minute chores. I have a feeling though, if I stopped, got out of the shower and started writing things down I would loose that creativity that comes with just letting the mind wander. It would become another thing “to do”. I think I’ll stick with my old habit, standing in the shower with no goals, but to loosen up the old bones.



2 thoughts on “SOL16 March 6, 2016

  1. I agree- so many great ideas in the shower, including improved lesson plans. I am sure there are ways to record all those great writing ideas, but I agree with you, best to just stick with your old habits on this one. I think you have captured some universal truths here.

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