SOL16 March 4, 2016

To Awaken Joy              to awaken the joy

It’s one of the moments as a teacher you are so grateful, a class  works well together, caring for one another, helping a friend read his favorite book, ask a buddy,”Do you want more time, or coaching?”

We had a fun week of reading and writing activities, a high school student that went through our school,  as a guest reader, now   an internationally known singer; an illustrator who read a story with such animation you just had to laugh.

After reading so many great stories, discussing the key details that made a story so good, these authors have enough background, great mentor texts to create their own amazing stories.

The best part of the entire week was this afternoon, after finishing our work, with an hour left for Daily 5.  The authors took turns reading some of their most current “books”. After each author finished reading their piece three students would comment with something they noticed, liked, or heard. I was so proud of the audience and the authors! One noticed the author had a great wrap up. I had to agree. Another student complimented a fellow classmate’s author’s voice, citing the line that make it so juicy, “Did you think I would?” This is a  tone  rich with attitude, always with humor, we hear daily from her. We all had a chuckle with that remark.

The joy and excitement, sharing their work, with  community I had worked so hard to create, caring and respecting each other as individuals was the best day this year!





2 thoughts on “SOL16 March 4, 2016

  1. Celebrations are such exciting times. I hope your kids feel at least half as much excitement around the reading and writing in your school as you do. It say quite a bit about your literacy culture that a student will ask a peer, “Do you want more time, or coaching?” Awesome!

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  2. Classroom community is the basis of all learning (and a whole lot of fun too). Before you said Daily 5 I recognized the coaching or time comment. It is so powerful to let kids choose their support. What a great way to end your week!

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