SOL16 March 3, 2016

Blessed by this Group of Writers and then OOopps!

As I opened today’s Slice I quickly reviewed the general overview and short pieces, and particularly enjoyed the Be Inspired photo. As I continued back up, as I usually do, I scan, then go  back and read more carefully. Ooops!

As a new writer to blogs I was posting on the Two Writers reply section. Come to find out that is not how it is done. Oh my, here I go again. Yesterday I continued to try and post replies to a number of writers. I have been amazed, touched, shocked and laughed out loud. What a encouraging, supportive, caring group of people. Each one  unique, in voice, and character. I loved it.
Now I will quickly go back and see if I can salvage my replies, especially one who made a real difference in my life today. Thank you!   I was able to amend a few.
The hour is late, I have a date.              green-eggs-and-ham-clip-art-dr__seuss_8
My bed awaits, tis my fate.
I have been Seussing all week long, 
I can’t talk or walk
without a rhyme to my song.
My brain is mush, 
I did not complete what I must.
Teaching is what I do, With passion I believe,
but organizing is not my  thrust. 



3 thoughts on “SOL16 March 3, 2016

  1. Glad you are getting it figured out. Let us know if you have any challenges. We are here to help you enjoy the writing opportunity and to be successful – as both a writer and member of the community.

    Suessing it up! Love the poem (and that there is a bed always awaiting at the end of a mush brain day).

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